Run like a team

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

If you work Lean, you go for efficiency and not for high speed, and you are keen on waste in work processes. You minimize the process until you are left with only the necessary core. This way you can continuously optimize. Teams that apply Lean manufacturing in the right way work faster, more efficiently and achieve better results.

What does Lean deliver?

Working at Lean puts the customer first and by creating a culture in which continuous improvement and collaboration in a good flow are central.

The application of Lean creates efficient production processes with less waste and more satisfied customers.

Lean is often seen as an instrumental program. But simply following the lean rules will not get you there. You can only achieve continuous process improvement in combination with good leadership.

Develop lean leadership and achieve success

Lean leadership has many similarities with personal leadership. Develop into an effective lean leader.

Then make sure you:

  • Actively listen to your team;
  • Stimulates your team to respond positively to new ideas;
  • Delegate more tasks and not take over all of your team’s responsibilities;
  • Receive and give positive feedback;
  • And don’t take a hierarchical approach to difficult decisions;
  • Make sure there is a constant focus on constant improvement.